Caption Contest

You tell me what's going on here. Poems welcome.

*Picture credit: Pieter Bruegel I, De Val van de Opstandige Engelen (1562)


  1. Leaving land behind
    The angel rises, wings spread
    evolution soars

    In primordial seas
    the fish is seized by envy
    leaps to drag him down

  2. Gabe Poke Slay!

    Dateline: The Celestial Throne

    In an apparent outburst of simmering tensions, sources deep within the Heavenly Choir are reporting that fighting has broken out between ‘the Angels’ and the newly created ‘Pokemon Guys.’ Asked for comment about the fighting our source (who would only give his name as “Mike”) said: "It is all about favoritism. First the angels were God’s favored, then he created these Pokemon one three day weekend – well what did he think would happen?” Apparently fighting broke out following a heated discussion between Gabriel and one of the new beings. “After what must have been like the thousandth time that this other guy taunted Gabriel with “Pikachu” – I guess he just kind of lost it.” Unconfirmed rumors are circulating that this battle may result in “some being cast out.”

  3. This is me (the angel) trying to beat down the demons (the demon) that are whispering to me that I don't know enough about late medieval Christianity to dare to try to say anything about the significance of books of Hours. I should go back to my comfort zone in the twelfth century and read more commentaries on Scripture. I know how to write about those, but I don't know yet what to say about the books of Hours. Down, you demons of doubt, down!

  4. "Before" picture for Piranha Slim-Fast.

    (Now that one should apologize for.)

  5. a haiku:

    tempt dinner with left
    raise high the sword with the right
    timing is crucial


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