Psalm 151

A prayer on awakening

Lord, help me, I am lost: trapped in a thicket of my own anxieties.

My friends ask for me to help them: but I do not have the strength to respond.

Loved ones offer advice: open yourself and let the universe flow through.

But my soul is clogged with doubts: obligations grow like weeds, and I cannot say no.

Last night I dreamed that I was robbed: a gang held up the restaurant where I was eating.

Lines of customers in feathered finery filed past the robbers: all were stripped of their possessions, one by one.

I tried to hide my jewelry, my camera in my skirts: surrendering only my cash, hoping that would satisfy.

But I knew that in the end, I would be required to give my all, or die: because they would kill me, and take my life along with my things.

What is the "I" that I am trying so hard to protect?: how can I protect it when I am too panicked to pray?

Sit still, my friend Badger replies: and just listen.

There is no I, only God.


  1. Come on now, Badger. God's love never nullifies the individuality of its object. That would make God's love very boring.


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