Dear You

Celebrating her first full year of blogging:


  1. I believe it is we who should be thanking you, FB, for sharing so much in a thoughtful and engaging style. In particular, you capture the struggle for discerning worth and gaining satisfaction in a way that resonates with, well, me, at any rate.

    Ultimately I believe even our restlessness will be redeemed; or, rather, we shall behold that for which we were yearning without having been able to describe it. In the meantime, the manner in which we handle our doubts and disappointments--how we struggle with whether we are, in fact, the people we should be--has a very large part in shaping our characters. The daily plodding of life 'counts.'

    Your open, indeed, vulnerable recounting of how you approach that daily challenge has been instructive and encouraging to me, and, I suspect, many others as well. There's also a fun side to the FB, which is why it is always eminently worthwhile visiting here time and again. Best wishes for your continued success (yes, success).

  2. [Big grin] It's been a pleasure, really, and an honor having readers like you. Fencing Bear is very much looking forward to sharing her further adventures with you this next year!


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