Baby Steps

Okay, so another week has passed and I still haven't managed to get myself to start working on those book reviews. But. No, not excuses, just but...I have started to take a few baby steps in the right direction towards, well, I'm still not sure about the book reviews, but maybe, just possibly getting out of this slump.

1. My puppy now understands "down" and tonight at puppy class we started working on "stay."
2. I have scheduled those meetings with my colleagues.
3. I read over the editor's suggestions on that paper and made the corrections that she asked.
4. I reviewed that article for the journal on whose editorial board I serve.
5. I wrote several letters of reference for my graduate students.
6. I graded that senior thesis.
7. I reviewed that research proposal I was asked to referee.
8. I have done my 300 touches/day for three days now with the new target that I have set up at home.
9. I scheduled my son's doctor's appointment so that we can get those forms signed for him to go to camp this summer and start high school this autumn.
10. Despite still worrying about my weight, I haven't weighed myself in almost a month.
11. I am (sometimes) able to see how living among all the mansions is a good thing, even if I will never be able to afford such a large home.

I know, I know, it's not much in the great scheme of things, but it's a start, right? Three weeks ago, my puppy couldn't do "down" without having to crawl under my leg, and now she recognizes the signal even when I just tap the air a few inches above the ground. Next level: tapping without the treat.


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