How to Stop Smoking: Day One

11:52am It's been 22 hours since my last cigarette. I forwent this morning's final 1, telling myself it really would be easier if I just stopped, rather than prolonging the jitters even another few hours. I made it fine through about 10:30am, doing my yoga, working on scheduling my up-coming courses and conference and tournament trips, brainstorming a bit about the first paper I need to write...and then it hit, the anxiety, the desire, the jitters.

I thought to myself, "Okay, it's been awhile since breakfast, maybe I'm a bit hungry," so I had a snack and played a game of iPad Solitaire (and won, with the highest score I've made to date--700!). Now I feel a little better, but I'm still having trouble maintaining focus. It didn't help that I found that the puppy had not only pooped in the front room, but also done some serious damage to a chair leg while I was working on schedules and such. I've cleaned up the mess and given her another chew and closed the door so she has to stay in the back of the apartment with me. I should take her for a walk in a few minutes, just to give us both some exercise.

My friend Barbara suggests saying a "Hail, Mary" every time I feel the urge to light up, which is a brilliant suggestion. Moreover, for every "Hail, Mary," I should imagine myself making her a beautiful rose which I can then weave into a mantel for her, to adorn her on her upcoming feast this Sunday. I'm going to need quite a few roses, so I'd better get weaving.


  1. Hey, would you believe I stopped smoking after trying the diet solution.

    There are so many inspiring things in this diet, and the "think yourself thin" strategy I used as a "I am a non smoker" strategy and it worked.

    I recommend it as a diet and other positive thinking guide


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