Flu Dreams (Like Fever Dreams, But Without the Fever)

3:34am* Driving home late one evening and getting lost off the interstate, turning down a road with signs to an Italian restaurant but seeing only the neon signs, stopping at a house and finding three beds, lying down and falling asleep only to wake when a woman came in with her grown son who seemed to be have some difficulties, trying to decide whether to let them know I was there, but not wanting to in case they made me leave because the bed was so comfortable.

4:15am Driving with my sister to the airport to catch a flight to go visit our mother, being forced off the road by construction (no signs, just trucks in the road spreading asphalt), ending up in a bus station, helping an old woman who had fallen, who then called out, "Nona Dale," thinking how odd, that's my mother's name, and finding the old woman was calling to my mother, who was getting on a bus to travel cross country. "Oh, Mom, why didn't you tell us you were coming through Chicago?" "Oh, I just got the tickets and there wasn't time!" Watching my mother get on the bus and the doors closing, telling my sister we should just go back home, we'd certainly missed our flight.

4:30am Going to dinner with my husband and one of my junior colleagues and his wife and another person against whom I have a particular grudge, sitting talking about the mask that my colleague's wife had made, standing up and leaning over the person against whom I have the grudge and spitting in her hair (dyed purple and blue), leaving the table to go to the ladies' room and finding it downstairs, decorated like a Turkish bath but with no actual bath, just lots and lots of confusing fixtures, none of which were toilets, which was probably a good thing since everyone knows what happens when you do find a toilet in a dream.

4:43am Leaving the restaurant and getting caught up in a turnstile where a man demanded euros to let me through, telling him didn't he know who I was, but he didn't care, finding my coin purse but no coins, just a carved ornament of some kind of animal, going to the store to look for more ornaments, getting caught up in a crowd and seeing the thin young man who played Jesus in the passion play although I couldn't remember which one buying ropes with funny faces on them like beads, talking with the young man and enjoying his smile, wondering why he was painted blue across the mouth.

I didn't get much sleep last night, can you tell?

*Approximately. All I know is, I kept waking up.


  1. Um, what happens in a dream when you find a toilet? The only potty dream I can remember is from when I was pretty little, and dreamt that when I went to the bathroom all my intestines cam out, and lay coiled in the porcelain glistening like threaded jewels. Yah, I was pretty messed up as a kid...

  2. What happens when you find a toilet in a dream?

    The only potty dream I can remember is from when I was quite young. I went to the bathroom and all my intestines came out, lying coiled in the porcelain bowl like threaded jewels.

    Yah, I was pretty messed up as a kid.

  3. Eew! On the other hand, jewels!

    I only ever found a toilet once in my dreams. When I woke up, the bed was, um, wet. Since then, I worry whenever I start looking....


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