A Few of My Favorite Things

Waking up this morning next to my husband.

Inventing a new ball game to play with the Dragon Baby.

The sermon our rector Peter preached this morning about the necessity for hermeneutics in reading scripture.

Pumpkin pie.

Michael Card's cover of "Let All Things Now Living."

My friend Phil's modern rapier, which he brought to the tournament at our club this afternoon and let me hold.

Wearing my new "Brown" lame for the competition.

Winning 4 out of 5 of my pool bouts. (Phil beat me.)

Having so many friends rooting for me in my D-E.

Talking ankle boots and shoes with my best girlfriends.

Finding the clothes folded when I got home. (Thanks, love!)

Watching Castle: Vampire Weekend with my husband and son.


  1. Gathering the last hot peppers from the garden, and cutting frost- nipped rose blossoms.

    Morning yoga with my boy- cat getting in the way

    Driving to practice with the sun roof open and Death Magnetic playing on my iPod

    Taking a good lesson

    Getting home late at night and having fried leftover pasta with an egg on top for dinner


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