The Big Pay Off

We all want it, the big pay off.  The watershed that will make all of our problems go away.  We spend our lives convinced that if only I could win the jackpot, if only my book would become a best-seller, if only I could win that gold medal, then, then I would be on Easy Street.  And what happens when we get lucky and all our dreams come true?  As everyone who has been following the happiness studies knows, nothing.  We are typically right back where we started, more or less just as happy (or not) as we were to begin with.  Happiness, it seems, is indifferent to success.

So why keep striving so hard?


  1. Because striving, even when it does not make me happy, makes me feel less discontent. Moving, anyway, and perhaps in the right direction! Which implies that, if I got what I wanted, I would just start striving for something else, yes?


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