Pardon Our Dust

Yes, I'm updating my blog template today. I should, of course, be eating a wholly different frog, but it's hard to look those warty buggers in the face when you're tired. You know, from fencing all weekend.

Unlike many who seem to be happier having updated their blog templates, I'm actually sorry to be losing the old Blogger style. But the older templates don't support the nifty networking buttons and response boxes, so here I am in Josh Peterson's "Picture Window" rather than Todd Dominey's "Scribe". I miss the background and the parchment colored "scroll". But I like the ability to have tabs across the top for my "Writing Time" and "Point Control" pages. Maybe I'll even add some more pages, just to make things fun.  And I like the way I can set off the blog posts against the background of the side bars, as well as that the posts appear in their own little boxes, not just as a continuous scroll.  I am in two minds about whether to hack the peek-a-boo option back in; the new composer allows me to have the full posts open in a new window (or some such), but I also like being able to see the longer posts in full on the main page, especially scrolling down on my iPad.  So, you win some, you lose some. 

In the meantime, please be patient as I fiddle with the layout.  Comments welcome!


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