Scorecard, Winter Break

Since returning from the tournament mid-month, after the end of classes:

Papers graded and commented on: 16

Fellowship applications reviewed: 6

Books read in preparation for Vestry Retreat: 2 (one assigned by Rector)

Articles read in preparation for Mellon discussion next week: 3

Books read in preparation for new course starting next week: 2

Books read for review: 1/2 (started on way to tournament, finished December 23)

Communion breads baked: 13 (one batch)

Syllabi written from scratch: 1

Items scanned in preparation for new course: 19

Movies watched on iPad while scanning items for new course: 6 (this took two full days)
  • Chicken Ranch (1983, documentary)
  • The Lord of the Flies (1963, movie of the book) 
  • Best in Show (2000, mockumentary--with dogs!)
  • Bottle Shock (2008, based on a true story) 
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967, movie of the Bob Fosse musical)
  • From Prada to Nada (2011, "a Latina spin on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility")
Articles read in preparation for new course: 12

Letters of reference written: 2

Books read for tenure case: 2/3 (and counting...)

Fencing practices attended: 1 (plus one Christmas party)

Blog posts written (not counting this one): 2 (the others were quotations or photos)

Walks taken in the rain and mud with dog: lots

Days spent doing nothing but reading a novel: 1 (with hangover from Christmas Day)


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