Birthday Dog

Giving her new elephant a good seeing to.


  1. Adorable! Welsh Corgis are terrific dogs.

  2. Would you travel for 12 hours with her strapped onto the roof of your car? Just curious how a dog-lover like you feels about that story.


  3. I wouldn't, but only because I don't think she would enjoy it. Surely you have seen dogs riding along with their heads hanging out the window, clearly enjoying the wind in their ears. As I understand it, the Romneys' dog crate was equipped with a windshield (which Romney rigged specifically to protect the dog), and the dog quite willingly jumped in for the ride. Just think of the dogs you see riding in the back of the pickup truck: dogs seem to enjoy speed almost as much as people do. My dog is also crate trained, so I know that dogs are actually totally comfortable being in their crates, unlike what some protestors at AKC dog shows have sometimes presumed.


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