Instruction Vouchsafed by the Queen of Heaven

"Admirable, my daughter, is the love, the fidelity and the solicitude with which the angelic spirits assist mortals in their necessities; and most horrible is the forgetfulness, ingratitude and grossness on the part of men in failing to acknowledge this debt.  In the bosom of the Most High, whose face they see (Matt. 8:10) in beatific clearness, these heavenly spirits perceive the infinite paternal love of the Father in heaven for earthly men, and therefore they appreciate and estimate worthily the blood of the Lamb, by which men were bought and rescued, and they know the value of the souls thus purchased with the treasures of the Divinity.  Thence arises their watchfulness and attention in securing the interests of the souls, which, on account of the value set upon them by the Most High, have been given into their charge.  I wish thee to understand well, how by the ministry of these angels, mortals would receive great enlightenment, and incomparable favors from the Lord, if only they did not hinder them by their sins and abominations, and by their oblivion of this inestimable blessing.  But as they block up the way, which God in his ineffable Providence has opened up for conducting them to eternal felicity, the greater part of them damn themselves, whereas, with the protection of the angels and with a proper estimate of his blessing, they could save themselves."

--Mary of Ágreda, The City of God: The Conception: The Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God Manifested to Mary of Agreda for the Encouragement of Men, trans. from the original Spanish by Fiscar Marison [Rev. Geo. J. Blatter] (1912), bk. II, chap. XV, paragraph 655, p. 507.


  1. Have we just chosen darkness over light, damnation over salvation? Have we rejected the way that lay open, and chosen not to save ourselves?

  2. I don't know, I really don't. So many of my friends voted for Obama, they insist that he was the right choice. I disagree. Perhaps not even the angels know at this point, only God.


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