Black Bear Madonna Diss Track

About that blog post...

Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland

Check it.

You saying my side chanting blood and soil
But all I got here is my little foil
A pair of docs are you and me
But mine’s attached to a rosary
So watch me drop some theology

I got psalms in my palms
And songs on my tongue
Got a Virgin for a mother
And a jester for a brother
So tell me to my face
What you got in your digital space?

I see you Savanarollin’ on a quest
Givin’ Caucasians that impossible test
And I got to know who’s the supremacist nation?
See, my queens don’t care about complexion
Every piece on their board is gettin’ redemption.

Yo. This ain’t about you and me
But about our Blessed Mom, Mary
So put down your quill
And face the academic skill
Then look up to see
She will pray for thee.


– DJ Berzerk

No, I am by no means skilled enough in rhyme-speak to have composed these lyrics. 
Written for me by a Bear friend as a gift after yesterday’s blogging duel.
I understand that they are meant as a kind of challenge...sort of throwing down a gauntlet. 
As the kids say.
I think that they read more like a prayer.

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