Middle Rages

Three years ago in June 2015, I wrote a blog post in praise of the values that undergird our culture in the West, particularly those which support women. I entitled my post “Three Cheers for White Men” to poke fun at the way “dead white males” had become the villains in modern academic culture, but my purpose was serious: to point to the ways in which women in Western civilization have been protected, supported, and encouraged by men from the Middle Ages to the present.

The response came in forms I had never expected—including in the guise of my champion.

This is his telling of my story and its significance for my academic field.

With thanks to all my colleagues in academia who were willing to go on record talking with Milo, especially Carol, in the hopes that we can put this chapter behind us. 

Fencing Bear salutes—and welcomes the conversation to come. 

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