Our Lady of the Temple

In honor of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Dustin Quick had a few questions for me about Our Lady and her place in the Temple Tradition:
Is Catholic Marian theology and piety based on Greco-Roman paganism which smothered and ultimately replaced an otherwise “pure and simple” Jewish-Christian faith?  
How can Catholics honour her so much, when she is barely mentioned in the Bible, whereas Christ is saturating every page of the Scriptures? 
Who is the Mother of the Lord in the Old Testament? What was her role? What were some of her symbols? 
Why do we claim that Catholicism, with its view of Jesus and Mary, is actually more “authentically Jewish”—more faithful to the oldest Temple religion of ancient Israel— than Second Temple and post-Temple Rabbinic Judaism (and “Messianic Judaism”)? 
Who is “Lady Wisdom,” and how is She related to Mary?
We had quite the conversation! Join us!

Image credit: Margaret Barker, personal communication


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