The Resurrection Mantra

“Jesus, with you I will die and rise again.”

Australian publicist and author John Moran joined me on my podcast to talk about how this simple mantra can change your life. John explains how he came to this mantra from his own experience advising government programs in Australia on mental health. We talk about how the West has lost its sense of prayerfulness in the past 50 years and what this has done to the culture.

Listen at Fencing Bear at Prayer!

Buy John’s book: The Resurrection Mantra: Build Hope and Resilience into Your Life 
With the Resurrection Mantra John Moran has resurrected, and made easily accessible and understandable for everyone, one of the great spiritual traditions handed down to us by early Christians. This is the use of a set phrase, in times of quiet and meditation, to anchor our understanding of profound and essential life truths. In this case it is the most profound truth of all, the death-to-new life rhythm of life—demonstrated so emphatically in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection event—which we can easily lose sight of when we experience suffering or a setback.
—Rachel Fulton Brown, University of Chicago 

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