A Prayer for Resurrection in the Time of Coronavirus

John Moran, author of The Resurrection Mantra, joined me last night to talk about how saying the Resurrection Mantra (“Jesus, with you I will die and rise again”) can help build hope and resilience in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Watch on my YouTube channel!

John and I talked in depth about the Resurrection Mantra last October, before the world changed. For a complete list of my videos, podcasts, and radio interviews, see Bear On Air.


  1. Does anyone know if Dr. Fulton Brown is planning to record more episodes of Medieval History 101? I understand that she has other personal and professional commitments but I'd like the series to continue, even if we have to pay for it. I was enjoying it tremendously.

    God bless!

    1. Yes! I am gearing up to start doing more Unauthorized videos! It was hard during the regular teaching year to do both, but we are no longer in ordinary time!

    2. That's a great news! I'll be looking forward to reading and watching the new episodes. Thank you.


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