I don't know which I find more troubling: that death is inevitable or that it can happen at any time.

I find it curious that colleagues and students often imagine that I know or am interested in things that I am most definitely not, while apologizing for asking about things on which I am actually not only an expert, but quite possibly the expert.

It's a great day when mainstream fashions start to look like those in the catalogs for witches.

I think I may have figured out something really important in my fencing, but I'm too scared to write about it in case it doesn't work.

Sometimes our reality is actually better than our dreams, but we are too busy dreaming to notice.

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary became "excessive" only after the Protestants rejected it.

I am surrounded by books and yet still feel the need to write another book because none of the books that I know says what I want to say.


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