Testing, testing

So I have a new toy. No, I mean tool. Really, I need this for work. To read all those PDFs that seem to come my way. But, hey, you can type on it, too. Although I miss being able to feel the keys. But I like the little clicky noise that the "keys" make, even if you can't feel them. Can you guess what my new toy -- ahem, tool -- is? Expect updates as I get used to being able to access the interwebs in a whole new way. Plus read books. As if I need more books to read! Doodle, doodle. It's the best thing for writer's block, don't you know? Rearrange your office, get new writing tools and spend at least a day making color-coded folders (aka bookmarks) for everything. Did you notice I can post to my blog from here?


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