Audience of One

My husband says it is quite simple, really: the one for whom I should be writing is the Virgin Mary. She is not, he insists, served as well in the modern scholarship as I have claimed she is, and she wants me to write the history of her devotion. Indeed, she insists. Moreover, she--and God--want me to write history, not theology or some other form of criticism. "God means you to be an historian," my husband said last night after reading my blog posts from yesterday. So, there you go. I need to start writing history in service to the Mother of God.


  1. As an agnostic, I find your decision mysterious and provocative, as you would expect. I also find it by far the most interesting of the alternatives you mention. I suspect that a person of deep faith may have access to insights in that particular topic of scholarship that would be at least esoteric to someone else. So, congratulations on your decision and good luck with your endeavor. On another topic, I should mention that both my wife and I find your medal at Nationals very inspiring. It is wicked cool. Congratulations.

  2. @millnerd: Yes, isn't he? : )

    @Thomas: I've made a stab at explaining my reasons for writing about Mary on my other blog: Now if only I could get myself to write that next post!

  3. @Thomas: Will I see you at the NAC in October, perhaps? Veterans welcome!

  4. Hi there! Good to see another fencing blog! I have a blog in preparation for the commonwealths so feel free to have a look and sign up to follow it :)

  5. @madfencer: Thanks for the visit, and good luck!


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