Thank God It's (Nearly) Autumn

Because, you know, I really hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the clothes, I even hate the air-conditioning. But, above all, I hate the expectations. "What are you going to do this summer?" "Do you have big plans for the summer?" "Are you going anywhere this summer?"

It's bad enough getting this kind of thing about the weekends. But summer, it's just a recipe for failure. There is no way--NO WAY--for any summer, no matter how varied and otherwise exciting, to live up to this. "I fenced at Summer Nationals and got a medal in Vet 40 Women's Foil. And my family and I took a driving trip down to Texas and New Mexico and spent a week taking walks with our puppy in the mountains." "Oh, that sounds really nice. All I did was finish off a few articles and do some primary research in the British Library." Sigh.

I was day-dreaming a post yesterday listing all of the books that I read this summer. It's quite a list, but somehow it still doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment when I think of all of the other things I might have done. Thank goodness nobody really expects me to accomplish anything substantive during the school year. I might actually get some work done.


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