How to Reach Your Ideal Weight Instantly--In Five Easy Steps

Caution: These steps must be followed to the letter.  No exceptions.
  1. Throw out your bathroom scales.  NOW.  No, I mean it, right now.  Don't weigh yourself "just to check."  Throw.  Them.  Out.  Including the spiffy BMI ones you have hiding under the dresser.  And the spare set in the closet.  NOW.
  2. Throw out (or donate) any clothes that you have that don't fit, whether because they are too big or too small.  Keep only the clothes that look fabulous on you right now.  Pay especial attention to what colors look good on you and wear those.
  3. Throw out (do not donate--we don't want to spread the virus) any books or videos that you have that imply that you should be any other weight than you are right now.  This means all diet books, all cookbooks that celebrate anything other than the great taste of food, all exercise books that suggest that there is any reason to exercise other than to be in shape (and, yes, round is a shape).  Being thin is not equivalent to being in shape, nor vice versa. 
  4. If you are hungry, eat.  Eat exactly what you want, in front of whoever is there, as much as you need to feel satisfied.  Enjoy your food.
  5. Now go do all those things that you told yourself you couldn't do until you reached your ideal weight.  Like walking the dog.  Or reading a favorite book.  Or enjoying an evening with friends.  You're already there.
Welcome to the rest of your life.


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