Like Mother, Like Corgi

You know how they say people come to resemble their pets? Well, then there's me and the Dragon Baby...
  • We're both nervous when meeting new people. She barks; I, well, sometimes I might bark a little bit. Or try to be more impressive than maybe I feel.
  • Neither of us likes loud music. She tries to run away; I just feel anxious and wish I were somewhere, anywhere else. Which means, you guessed it, we're not going to Lollapalooza this week. Oh, well.
  • We both like games of reflex. She, balls that she catches in mid-air; me, hitting people with pointy sticks. Same game, really.
  • We both like concentrating really hard on things that other people might find insignificant, like bugs, or obscure Latin texts. We can concentrate for hours and hours and..."Squirrel!" Oh, okay, maybe not hours.
  • We're both stubborn and constantly testing the limits of the rules that others have set. Of course, I'm right when I want us to walk or for her to keep out of the flowerbeds. Really, I am. 'Cause I'm the human here.
  • We both play submissive whenever we first meet someone older or bigger than we are. And then, after we have been sniffed, we jump all over the bigger dogs. But we are also both quite gentle when meeting younger or littler dogs. Actually, she's much better at it than I am. I wish I were as socially gracious as my dog.
  • And yet, sometimes other dogs still growl at us, even after we've rolled over on our backs to show that we are not a threat. Then we run away and don't want to play anymore. But even then, we don't growl back (at least, she doesn't), and we feel bad about it if we do (that would be me).
  • We both like the cold more than the heat. But we also both like working up a good sweat, given the right balls or pointy sticks to play with.
  • We both hate going to the doctor for shots.
  • People often comment on our unusual hair color (hers, brindle; mine, white).
  • We're both extremely possessive of our loved ones and get very anxious when they go away.
  • We are both shy about being touched by strangers, but we are physically extremely affectionate with those we love.
  • We both need to watch our weight because we have such long bodies and short (relatively) legs.
  • We both widdle (ahem) when we get too excited or, in my case, sneeze (ladies who have given birth, you know what I mean).
  • We both like having a routine, particularly for walking to campus, but we also like going on other walks.  She, however, is the only one who seems to enjoy waking up at 7am on the dot.  (On. The. Dot.  Every day.  Sigh.)
  • We both like going on road trips.
  • Neither of us particularly likes baths.

Actually, I'm not entirely sure anymore whether we are two distinct persons. Maybe she really is my daemon. Or maybe I'm hers.


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