Where's Fatso?

Okay, okay, I know this is getting tedious.  But it is an essential part of the decluttering that I've been doing: decluttering not only my physical space, but also my mental space of the junk that I have carried around with me for so many years.

Remember that Toni reminded me I was going to Europe in 10 weeks and that I needed to lose weight so that I wouldn't be fat?  Well, I didn't lose the weight (I may have even gained some--I was a champion binger* in those days), but I did go with my sister on the trip to Europe, our first, with a group of fellow high schoolers.  Most of the pictures that I took on that trip (recently reviewed in the course of the decluttering) were of the sights that we saw, but in the album that I kept there are occasional photos of people, including this one taken by one of our teachers (I think; he put it up recently on his Facebook page, which is where I got the digital copy).  Both I and my sister are in the photo.  She, at the time, was wonderfully thin; she and D. (also in the picture) had even been teasing me not a day or two before this photo was taken about how fat I was.**

Here's the challenge: find me in this photo.  Hint: Remember: I'm the fat one.

Eagle's Nest (Kehlsteinhaus), 1981.  ALSG group from Amarillo, TX.
Shocking, isn't it?

*And, yes, I was.  I have the diary entries to prove it.  But I was also on the swim team and working out two hours a day, five days a week. I certainly couldn't (and don't, thank goodness) eat that way now.***
**Me, after hours on the bus from Vienna, when we had to stop for the engine to be fixed: "My feet are really swollen."  My sister, giggling: "Just like the rest of you" (or words to that effect).
***See how hard it is to stop apologizing?


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