Bear's Ferial Horarium

7:15am  Wake up.
7:20am  Take Dragon Baby out.
7:25am  Make tea.
7:30am  Kiss husband and son before they run out the door.
7:35am  Drink tea and read NRO.
8:00-8:20am  Meditate.
8:20am  Do arm weights.
8:25am  Take shower (optional).
8:35am (or thereabouts)  Make breakfast, read a little light conservative punditry.
9:00am Make coffee, light incense, get books out.
9:05-9:50am  Brief, regular session no. 1.
10:15am (or thereabouts)  Get second cup of coffee.
10:20-11:05am  Brief, regular session no. 2.
11:30am-12:30pm  Take Dragon Baby to the park.
12:45pm  Eat snack, make tea.
1:00-1:45pm  Brief, regular session no. 3.
2:00pm  Make tea.
2:15-3:00pm  Brief, regular session no. 4.
3:30pm  Stop.  Really.  NOW.  Put books away.
3:35pm  Take Dragon Baby out.
3:45-4:15pm  Eat lunch, watch Hulu.
4:30-4:55pm  Practice fiddle.
5:00-6:00pm  Read something else.
6:05pm  Take Dragon Baby out.
6:30-10:30pm  MTh  Fencing practice; W Vestry or liturgy committee; TuF Ad libitum.
10:35pm  Take Dragon Baby out.
10:45pm  Go to bed, read a bit more in The Lord of the Rings.
11:00pm  Sleep.

Can you say, heaven?


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