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Cue another year (or three*) of brief, regular sessions.  No need to be hasty, right?

*It's the footnotes and other support materials that are going to be the real beast, once the "writing" is done.


  1. Good Morning, Rachel,
    I started reading your blog a few days ago when I was doing a google search for "fencing and the spirit." I started a fencing class at College of Lake County last week and I think I'm hooked :) I've been reading your blog from the very beginning...feel like I'm supposed to for some reason...and enjoying it very much! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on fencing and much more! Have a great day...maybe the rainy Chicago weather will be a good day for writing??
    Jean :)

  2. Welcome, Jean! I am so happy that you have been enjoying reading my blog! And welcome to fencing, it is an amazing (and potentially obsessive) sport! Most of my posts on fencing as such, as opposed to tournaments, are in the first couple of years of the blog archive, but it all fits together--fencing, writing, dealing with clutter--in learning to pray, or so I have found.

    Thanks for the good wishes for today's writing--it does look like a good day for prose!


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