Not a birthday card

To: Mom, a.k.a. Nona, a.k.a. Grandma, hoping the day is not quite just like any other day.

"Sky Writing"
Written and directed by TRFB
Cinematography TRFB
Edited by TRFB and RLF
Produced by RLF & JPB
Music: "Guns in the Sky" edited by VI Corps Combat Engineers
Model by Flights of Fancy

Trivia question: can you guess what year you were born from the video? There is a clue hidden in it. Hint: think American, not U.K. edition.


  1. Wow. Really well done and very clever. I'm sure the woman in question is thrilled to have such creative offspring and, especially, great-offspring.

  2. Thanks! She was pretty happy with her "not-birthday" yesterday.


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