A Favicon of My Very Own

My 13-year-old son: "You can change that little icon that you get for your blog on your navbar, you know."

Me: "How?"

My son: "Google it."

Me: "Google what? You can't just Google anything. I don't even know what it's called. You mean the little square icon?"

My son: "Just type that."

Me (sure that this isn't going to work): "Okay."

Types "how do you change the little square icon on blogger blogs," and the second hit is: "Add Favicon Icon To Blogger Url."

Me: "Well, knock me over with a feather, it worked!" (or words to that effect). "What should my design be?"

Design conference with son produces l337 image par excellence, rendered by same son in proper 16x16 pixel format. Intervention by husband enables image to be saved without going all fuzzy. Advice from Blogger Buster and Blog Adviser shows how to insert l337 image into blog template...and viola!

[Sad face. The favicon as installed according to Blogger Buster's instructions only seems to show up if you're using Firefox, not Safari or Internet Explorer. And yesterday I didn't even know what favicons were....]

[A few more steps. Upload the image to IconJ.com and use the HTML code generated for your account there in your blog template. Further instructions at Blogger Tips].


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