Reasons to Read Jennifer Crusie*

1.  All of her heroines are curvy, frequently a size 12, and yet the heroes think that they are the most beautiful women that they have ever seen.

2.  Almost every story has a dog, usually rescued in some way or other by either the hero or heroine, always a deal-breaker for the success of the romance, i.e. no dog, no romance.

3.  However things start out for the hero and heroine, they always end up not only in love, but also surrounded by friends.

4.  Falling in love typically enables the hero or heroine to recognize that he or she does not need to stay in the job that he or she has been doing up to now and/or that there is nothing stopping them doing whatever they truly want to do in life.

5.  The sex scenes are to die for.  Metaphorically speaking, that is.

*Especially when you're feeling down with the flu.


  1. Perhaps that's because curvy women are the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

  2. You inspired me to order a romance novel with my last order or books (a lot of fantasy favorites that I want to re-read). Not Jennifer Crusie, though. I'm more inclined toward historical romance, and I'm trying out a new author.


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