Do-It-Yourself Psalm

An exercise given to our women's group this afternoon by fellow parishioner Vinita Wright

1.  Say how you feel.  

Lord, I am lost, my nerves all a-jangle.
I practiced all week, but I still couldn't play.
Our teacher changed the rules, challenged us to play his way.
I was so nervous, my body went cold and my hands started to shake.
Even the things I could play by myself, I lost.
Why am I so afraid?

2.  Say what you know is true of God.

I know that you are with me, that you delight in my wanting to play.
I wish I knew more, but you seem so far away.
All that I know of you, I learned in a book.
Yet I hear you in the music when others play.
Why can't I hear you in mine?

3.  Ask for what you need.

I need to know that you love me and want me to succeed.
Lord, help my impatience, it is only you that I need to impress.
All these obstacles are simply steps that you are giving me to climb.
You are there at the top of the stairs, but my legs are so weak.
I am sure there are others you would rather play for you.
Help me to believe that you want to hear me play, not somebody else.


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