Report from the Application Trenches

I think that I am going to have to slit my wrists.  Or stick my head over the side of the trench so that the enemy can shoot it off.  Or maybe just lie down and die of starvation.

Nobody applying to our graduate program has read my work.  Nobody who says that he or she wants to work with me seems to know anything about my research.  Nobody seems to care about anything that I have spent years thinking or writing about.  I don't see why I bother even trying to have a voice.  Unless I am writing about gender (which I don't), I might as well throw in the towel and quit.  Because gender is the only thing that anybody who even thinks about the Virgin (not that anybody in our applicant pool has) wants to think about.  Not devotion.  Not worship.  Not theology.  Just gender.

And most of them don't even want to think about that.


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