A Theory of Demons

Demons are devious.  They disguise themselves as angels of light, perhaps even friends, but underneath they are nothing but liars.

Demons are rational intelligences, which means, like angels, that they are capable of logical thought, but because they are fallen, their reason is corrupted so that it cannot lead them to understand the good.

Demons hate confession because confession leads to repentance and doing penitence for one's sins.  They will do anything they can to prevent us from confessing; above all, they will try to shame us (by, for example, calling us names like "petty, envious, and self-pitying") when we do.

Nor can they understand the desire to make a confession.  As my own personal demon PapaFreeak put it: "I think you fascinate me because you provide access to a mentality that is genuinely foreign to me."  Being fallen angels, demons cannot themselves admit to having sins; they cannot confess their own sin of turning away from God.  Rather, in their pride, they see confession only as weakness, never humility.  This is one of the reasons why they both hate ("I find about 75% of what you post to be odious") and are so fascinated by human beings who, through the grace of God, are able to acknowledge and feel repentance for their sins.

Demons are dangerous.  Do not be deceived.  Do not listen to them because nothing that they say is true, only distortions of the truth.  Their leader is the father of lies (John 8:44), and like him, they cannot hear the word of God.


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