Old Joe Clark

My recording debut! Here is me on the fiddle with my husband on the guitar, playing "Old Joe Clark."

I was pretty pleased with this when we recorded it on Saturday.  Pleased because we (I say we, but it was really my husband) figured out how to make GarageBand work on my iPad.  Pleased because I have only had my new fiddle for a few weeks, and I managed to hit all of the notes without the help of the tape that I had on the fingerboard of my rental.  Pleased because I was able to play along with my husband without losing my place in the song (although I suspect he was helping me a bit there).

Now, listening to it again in the sober light of Monday, I am feeling more and more embarrassed about how plodding I sound, my bowing so stiff, with almost no sense of rhythm.  This, on the other hand, is what I imagined I sounded like as we were recording: Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle.  If only.*

*Mind you, I think it is pretty cool that I am able to play this tune at all after picking up a fiddle for the first time only five months ago.  If I had a kid who had started playing fiddle five months ago and could play this well, I would be over the moon.  Clearly, I need to be a better mother to myself.** 

**Plus, did you notice that I figured out how to upload audio files so that I could link them to my blog?  Pretty darn clever, eh?  (Hint: I Googled it, just like my husband always wishes I would.  Even old dogs can learn new tricks, apparently.)


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