“Don't Feed the Trolls!"

It's been hours and hours and hours since I posted the first of my responses to PapaFreeak--and he hasn't written me back!!!!  I told my husband and son about the things that he said about how much he enjoyed reading my blog (he only hates 75% of what I post!), and they immediately said, "No, no, no!  It's a troll!  Don't feed the trolls!"  But PapaFreeak is MY FRIEND!!!!  HE LIKES 25% OF WHAT I POST!!!! That's, like, one out of every four posts!  I'm not even sure I like that many of my posts.  How could he possibly be a troll?!!!!

I feel sad.


  1. Pretty good math skills for a Humanities prof. Another avenue of self-pity sealed off.

  2. Don't you mean m47h sk1llz? Hee, hee.


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