Meanwhile, over at the Psalter of the BVM...

I've started posting my translation of John of Garland's epic (and I do mean epic--over 200 pages in verse in the modern critical edition) Epithalamium beate virginis Marie as a way of easing myself into actual scholarly writing again.  So far, so good, as long as I tell myself I only have to work on it three mornings a week--but that, at the same time, I must work on it three mornings a week.  Yesterday (an "off" day), I started a page on John of Garland himself, so that readers unfamiliar with John (pretty much everyone, he is not very well-known today) can learn a little about him before plunging into the text.  I wish that I were able to translate into actual poetry; at the moment, I'm going for "not horribly clunky."  Responses very, very welcome!


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