Not Quite Spring Break

I'm late. I should have started working on my John of Garland translation at least a half an hour ago. But I overslept. And the dog pooped in my son's room. And then there were those emails to answer. And I'm worrying about getting everything ready in time for "Tolkien" to start next week. And there are papers to grade this afternoon and tomorrow morning if I am to get the grades for Winter quarter in on time. Not a crisis, just not a break. And it's only the first day of spring--break, that is. I wonder what it would be like to take a holiday during spring break. Oh, right, I did that already while the students were writing their exams. If only my head would clear so that I could get started on the Latin. Stupid daylight savings time. I spent all last week with narcolepsy, nap attacks at the drop of a hat. Or the nod of a head. I wish that I could get everything scheduled properly for next quarter, but I'm waiting on responses from other people to my emails. To think that it has been nearly three years since I started keeping this blog, when I was just finishing up teaching "Tolkien" the last time. How time flies. How full the last three years have been. It makes me want to crawl back into bed just to think about it. Have I solved all the world's problems yet? Or even my own? I don't seem to be famous yet. Or to have written my second (academic) book. But I do have a new kitchen, a new dog and a newly blessed marriage. Not to mention a new name and new eyes. Plus 859 blog posts (not counting this one). And a medal. If only I knew what it all meant.

I'm just stalling now. It's time to work on that translation.


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