A Five-Minute Post

I have promised myself that I will give regular time to my research, so as much as I would like to spend the next two hours either blogging here or reading J.R.R. Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories" for the fourth (or so) time, I am going to do some translating.  Which means, alas, that I do not have time to tell you about how sweet it was on Sunday getting third in our local Veterans' foil event, especially since it meant winning several bouts (pools and a DE) against fencers who were much more experienced and much more highly rated than I.  So you'll just have to imagine the grin.  And the joy that I took in knowing that I was fencing really, really well, at least for that afternoon.

Photo by Jon-Girl, RedStar Fencing Club.  (That's me in the stripey socks.)


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