Pink Elephants

Imagine this. Here you are, an innocent little Fencing Bear, busily blogging for months about the trials of therapy, having her eyes lasered, trying to declutter her home, trying to get to fencing practice now that her club has moved, all sorts of completely self-centered activities, having little if anything to do with anybody else (except insofar as her husband, son, dog and cat are caught up in the decluttering), and along comes someone who is living through crises of his or her own who almost never reads the blog, knows next to nothing about what has been going on in Fencing Bear's life, and who only knows that Fencing Bear is inclined to blog about some of the more difficult things in life (like, I don't know, writing), and the first thing he or she says is, "You're not going to write about this in the blog, are you?" (Oddly, since Fencing Bear, by her own rules, almost never blogs about other people, except indirectly or to celebrate them as friends.)  What would you do?

I tell you, not thinking about pink elephants is way easier.


  1. I suppose I would carefully avoid that narcissistic person - who, in fact, would expect to make a guest appearance in Fencing Bear's blog as s/he thinks his or her problems deserve the publicity...

    Those people are trouble-makers, and only add unnecessary problems to our lives, as if we did not have enough of our own already!

  2. LOL! I had not thought of that, that maybe they want the publicity! What a clever way of getting me to write, eh?


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