Belgium is...

Chocolate (but you knew that!)

Diamonds (80% of all world trade in rough diamonds comes through Antwerp)

Waffles (with or without chocolate)

Fritjes (a.k.a. frites or fries, usually with mayonnaise, but in many different flavors)


Tapestries (and now cushion covers and handbags)

Printing (Plantin, Moretus and Brepols)

Black & white Baroque churches

Beer (try Chimay, brewed by Trappists)



Comic strip books (Tintin and Asterix are only the beginning!)

Paintings by Jan Van Eyck, Quentin Matsys, the Brueghels (Elder and Younger), Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, and Rene Magritte

The Atomium

Still lifes (shared with the Netherlands, but look closely for Mary)

Eurocrats and tourists


Rain every day at 9am and 3pm

Suburban houses that could be in England

Babel (linguistically)

Green fields with cows and flowers

Manneken Pis

Beguinages and guild halls

Statues of the BVM on every street corner

Closed on Mondays




  1. Oddly I had just read this from logologos..a favorite blog of mine.

    Keep in touch

  2. Hmm changed closed on Mondays???? I had thought it was a deliberate misspelling


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