God is in the details: A Pictorial Meditation

*With thanks to my son for formatting the nifty borders. Now he is making his evil sock monkey fly down from the loft in our hotel room. I just saw a slinky swing past.... I wonder what this says about the relationship between God, details, creativity and play?


  1. nice images
    one of my favorite blogs and one that has inspired other blogs is copenhagencyclechic ... bicycling is something I enjoy. I often find my own solacment in bicycling..I suppose my own personalized relationship with God in my own way.
    Thank you for the lovely photos.

  2. :) w3schools.com (css instruction)? Where I eventually learned through trial and error how to make mine.

    thanks for the insight

  3. On the other hand, this is something my son (age 12) can teach me, and this is a great gift. But then, of course, I suppose online tutorials won't drop sock monkeys on your head. :)

  4. ...maybe this all very simply means that God is everywhere where we want God to be, in the paintings as well as in the artists who made them, in the real flower and in the skill required to make the painted one, in the burning candle and in the person who takes time out to light one, in the churches and on the streets, and in the sock and the child who is at play ... if we want to see God (Christian or other, no matter) we can and do. PS: Very beautiful pictures indeed.


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