Glass Half-Full

Things for which I am thankful tonight:

1. That I have found a dog obedience class that meets not only in our neighborhood, but even in the basement of our church...on Wednesdays, that is, not on fencing nights! My son and I attended the puppy class (sans puppy) this week, and I was very impressed. Now all we need is the puppy.

2. Dave Stringer's music, especially "Govinda Jaya Jaya" (which I'm listening to now).

3. My students. Have I mentioned how amazing they are? I am so proud of how well they are doing on their presentations for class. We have had some of the best discussions I have ever had in class this week, even with me being somewhat tired from all the tournaments. It is such an honor to be teaching--and learning--from them!

4. My friends at fencing. We put ourselves through so much together, being there for each other night after night at practice, hanging together through wins and losses at tournaments, competing with and for each other. I wish I could tell you about every one of them, each special in his or her own particular way.

5. Living in Chicago. Yes, I know, I complain about things sometimes (especially the traffic), but tonight, driving home from practice in the rain past the lights of downtown, it was like driving through, well, Oz: the emerald city of skyscrapers.

6. Simon's Cat and dancing dogs.

7. My family, who, amazingly, love me for exactly who I am. And even let me play my "flower power" music in the middle of the night. Sometimes.


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