Puppy Love

Things I love about dogs:

1. The little snort-sigh they make as they lie down.

2. The licking-splashing sound they make lapping water from their bowl.

3. The crunchy sound they make eating their kibble.

4. The smell of puppy feet.

5. The solid feel of their bodies as you are petting them.

6. The way their eyebrows move.

7. The way their tails wag for pure joy.

8. Their toothy, dragon-like grins.

9. The floppy sound their ears make as they shake their heads.

10. The way their feet move as they are trotting.

11. Especially for corgis, the way their butts move as they leap through the snow.


  1. MUCH better for you than stressful thoughts. Keep up the puppy hugs.


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