“How To": A Curriculum

A short list of some of the things that I have books (and blog posts) about "how to", as well as I can remember without looking at the shelves:
  1. Do yoga
  2. Fence
  3. Write
  4. Teach
  5. Overcome creative blocks (lots of Julia Cameron here)
  6. Do calligraphy (the real reason I study medieval history?)
  7. Knit
  8. Cook
  9. Read tarot cards
  10. Be happy
  11. Do mehndi
  12. Garden
  13. Practice centering prayer
  14. Have great sex (!!!)
  15. Do feng shui
  16. Write comic books
  17. Do chakra work
  18. Love what is
  19. Eat (like a French woman, thin person, slim person)
  20. Write poetry
  21. Draw
  22. Home decorate
  23. Train a dog
  24. Blog (actually, no, I tore that one up)
  25. Write romance novels (just ordered)
  26. Do witchcraft (mostly from college, mostly unread; I'm not sure Terry Pratchett counts)
  27. Play chess
  28. Study history
  29. Improvise
  30. Compete


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