Logos, St. Louis, and Horror

 E. Michael Jones and I sat down in October 2020 to talk about the horror of Halloween and what happened in St. Louis...

In June 2020, protestors across the United States of America called for the removal of statues they claimed portrayed or promoted the country’s founding sin of “white supremacy.” But one of the statues so designated by BLM activists depicted not an American statesman or general, but a medieval Christian king: St. Louis IX of France (d. 1270), after whom the city of St. Louis, Missouri, was named. 

In this episode, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown talks with Dr. E. Michael Jones about his role in preventing the removal of the statue of St. Louis from Forest Park in St. Louis, and what the protest over the statue says about the relationship of St. Louis (the city) with St. Louis (the king). We talk about the role of King Louis in the Crusades, his orders for the burning of the Talmud, and his concern for the Muslim converts he brought back from the Holy Land, and we talk about the importance of the French, particularly the Jesuits, in converting the Americans to Christianity. 

Join us on our journey down the Mississippi to the Nile! Recommended reading: E. Michael Jones, “Iconoclasm in St. Louis: How Identity Politics Became Identity Theft,” The Unz Review, July 11, 2020 (https://www.unz.com/ejones/iconoclasm-in-st-louis/); and William Chester Jordan, The Apple of His Eye: Converts from Islam in the Reign of Louis IX (Princeton University Press, 2019).

Logos fans know that masturbating to porn makes you go blind to other sins, but do they know how sexual sin creates monsters? 

In this episode, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown talks with Dr. E. Michael Jones about how monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Alien arose in Western culture as an answer to the anxieties created by the sexual revolution. We talk about movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a stimulus for the acceptance of transgenderism and whether such camp plays the same role as horror. We also talk about the representation of Jesus in the Talmud as a background for the degradation of Christ in modern Hollywood, and whether Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ counts as horror. Recorded on October 30, 2020, in anticipation of All Hallows’ Eve, with prayers for the recovery of reverence for All Saints’ Day. 

Recommended reading: E. Michael Jones, Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film (Fidelity Press, 2012); and Peter Schäfer, Jesus in the Talmud (Princeton University Press, 2007).

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  1. This was an excellent discussion of the horror genre starting with Mary Shelly. Why is horror so popular? People shouldn't want to be scared out of their wits but many people find it utterly compelling. This conversation provided a great answer! One day I would love to hear you and Dr. Jones discuss the vampire genre specifically. Its ongoing popularity must mean something deeper going on in the culture and I'd love to get both of your takes on it.

    1. agreed. emj drops great pearls when not angry. he sees vampirism and homosexuality as intimately linked.

    2. I have seen all of EMJs videos and have never witnessed him as being angry. I'm not saying that you're wrong, I am just confused by your statement. He's one of the very few people I have encountered that stays on an even keel. Considering some of the hot button topics he addresses, his demeanor is amazing to me.
      Could you point me to a video where you perceive him as angry?

  2. I’ve always hated horror, Legolas’s despair. Our’s is to face the horror, repent, and fight, yeah, even to the death. Thanks for your work Dr’s. I am reading on the heroic gentile giants in Dr Vico’s New Science. Keep going, for the rest of us.


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