Like Mother, Like Daughter

Reasons neither my mother nor I feel like traveling this Christmas:
  • We both like to decorate our own home and have very particular ideas about what kinds of decorations to use.
  • We both insist on driving to each other's home rather than flying, but are nervous about driving on ice of which there is a good deal between the Texas panhandle and the south side of Chicago just now.
  • We both want to attend Christmas services in our own church with the people whom we see every Sunday during the year.
  • We both like to cook our favorite dishes for Christmas in our own kitchens.
  • We both find it difficult to have our routines disrupted.
  • We both promised neighbors to take care of their pets/plants/mail over the holidays.
  • We both wish the other would come visit her because there are so many things that we would like to share with her.
  • And, oh yes, we are both stubborn. But don't try telling us that. We just like doing things the way that we do. And besides, there's so much to take care of....
Can you tell we're related?

I love you, Mom! Merry Christmas!


  1. I really like this post! I have already been missing mom's house for Christmas this year because it is always soooo Christmassy. But I am also very happy to stay here this year and for the first time ever (!) in 16 years of marriage, to have our very own Christmas tree and decorations. This year we are not traveling to either parental house, but having our very own Christmas here -- a fusion of the Belgian and American traditions (i.e. gifts on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas morning!). Merry Christmas to you all Rachel, and to MOM of course! Vanessa

  2. This is the first time in several years that we have put our tree up (see photo) and it was really fun seeing again all of the ornaments that we had collected over the last 10 years. It's hard having so many "homes" for Christmas!

  3. Ha Ha! Well I have no tree and my lights don't work, but I'm happy to stay in Austin and do the orphan Christmas with my friends (and Paka!) because I am always traveling. It's hard to be the one expected to travel and visit. I'm going to Laura's for the morning--we're decorating her house so the kids will wake to a sparkling indoor winter land with icicles and dry ice. Then to Desirae's where the five dogs (if they got the puppy last night!) will romp and play. And my travel will amount to 10 miles round trip. Not that I don't love my family, but I just feel like staying here in Austin. Where it's a balmy 38 degrees.


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