The Year Ahead

FWIW: This is the post I had planned to do for New Year's Day before I got sick. As they say, the best laid plans...

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N.B. what a good game of YDYB ("Why don't you--yes but") Bear has going here. Let's hope A.G.'s final move helps snap her out of it.

[Postscriptum: For those of you who are wondering, 30,000 words is not enough for a whole book, at least not the one I am planning to write. The point is to give myself an intermediate goal for the upcoming year. The book itself should be more along the lines of 80,000 to 100,000 words, as per the recommendation I have from one potential editor.]


  1. I think the important distinction is between things we can control (efforts) versus things we can't (outcomes.) I can make sure I turn up to practice every week (barring emergencies.) I can fence my absolute best without being assured it will result in a certain placement. Too many variables are out of my control--the quirks of the ref., who my opponents are, their condition on that day. Guilt is another matter--we have to be disciplined enough to make a real effort, and compassionate enough to forgive ourselves when we fall short. Tricky balance.


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